Interview: Graham Caldwell (The Time Guardian)


It’s not every day you can say you shared an office floor with one of the stars of The Time Guardian, but today I have that pleasure. In a previous job I worked alongside Graham Caldwell, who plays a small role in the 1987 Australian sci-fi actioner. Graham, who essayed a number of other character parts in Australian films during that era, graciously agreed to answer a few questions about the film and his experiences on the Adelaide-based production.

How did your role in The Time Guardian come about? 

I had been working previously with Brian Hannant, the director, on a short film for the National Parks and Wildlife Service filmed on McLaren Flat (playing a hoon driver who casually throws out a cigarette butt as he is transformed into a devil in the rear vision mirror). The short film A Little Bit in All of Us was screened in cinemas prior to main features throughout SA and possibly nationally. Brian really appreciated my work and I was subsequently contacted by my agent for an audition at SA Film Corp studios at Hendon South Australia.

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