News Roundup July 2016

A roundup of classic films and catalogue titles currently in the news.


Down Under Flix is all about spotlighting underappreciated, neglected, forgotten or obscure Australian films that flew under the radar or fell through the cracks. Picnic at Hanging Rock ain’t that film. Peter Weir’s 1975 mystery drama is one of the all-time great Australian features: a gorgeous, otherworldly, spooky, jarring, cryptic, unapologetically bizarre film beloved by most. Well, maybe not the late Bob Ellis.

Anne Lambert, the iconic star of the film, is currently in the news campaigning alongside the National Trust of SA to protect one of the other iconic stars of the film, Martindale Hall.

Read more at Adelaide Now


Jocelyn Moorhouse’s Proof (1991) is another revered film, plus a key moment in the early careers of Russell Crowe and Hugo Weaving (who recently worked with Moorhouse again on The Dressmaker). A campaign driven by the National Film and Sound Archive and Margaret Pomeranz recently reached its crowdfunding goal to help facilitate the film’s restoration.

Read more at Pozible


In the embryonic stages of Down Under Flix’s development, the original name I concocted for the site was OzFlix, and I was dismayed to find there already was a site called OzFlix. But that site is doing terrific work, building an archive of Australian films for streaming with the eventual aim of having “Every Aussie Movie. Ever” available to stream, which would be a tremendous boon to local film curation and culture (not to mention this very website). OzFlix, I can’t stay mad at you!

Read about their mission, make recommendations, and subscribe for updates at OzFlix


Trailers from Hell is a website devised by Joe Dante among others, devoted to curating old film trailers and furnishing them with commentaries from filmmakers and scholars. Australian genre director Brian Trenchard-Smith is a regular contributor and recently recorded commentaries for three of his Ozploitation gems: Turkey Shoot (1983), Stunt Rock (1982), and the delightful The Man from Hong Kong (1975).

Listen to these and other Trenchard-Smith commentaries at Trailers from Hell

Author: downunderflix

This site was created by Ben Kooyman, a teacher and writer based in Sydney, Australia hoping to shine some light on some neglected local films...

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